Phil Woodmore has been an integral factor in my music education as he has been my mentor, voice teacher, music director and close friend for 7 years. When I first came to Phil for private voice lessons, I was primarily a pianist yet he transformed me from a shy choir boy into a musician that is versatile enough to perform in all styles of musical theatre, succeed in state-wide classical voice competitions, accompany choirs and eventually go on to get a music degree in Vocal Performance at Wheaton Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Phil’s teaching sets his students apart from the crowd, allowing them to succeed in the majority of the auditions they walk into, and shine in performances.

I know that the foundations of technique, expression, and musicality that I learned from Phil will greatly impact my future in music for the rest of my life. Phil has instilled in me a passion to work towards perfecting my craft, teaching me to take advantage of every opportunity to grow as a musician. Not only is Phil an incredibly lively, brilliant, and caring individual with a heart for his students, he has created a name for himself in St. Louis that is synonymous with musical perfection.

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