Phil (you can use Mr. Woodmore if you prefer!) is one of the most instrumental assets to my career as a theatre singer and artist. Phil first acted as musical director in my high school’s production of “Hairspray”. We had to do a lot of outside work on the piece and from there we organically fell into vocal coachings. Over the course of high school Phil excelled my voice with technique and repertoire, exposed me to outside performing opportunities such as COCA St. Louis-a soon to be second home, and prepared me for college auditions. For years we spent hours working on shows at school or over the summer, benefit concerts, and voice lessons. Through his coachings I learned how to sing from a supported and healthy place to prolong the longevity and strength of my voice.

Phil took my raw love of singing and theatre and supported it with the vocal education I needed to flourish my passion from a hobby to a career. More than just being a teacher Phil is a mentor. Phil’s open heart and love for his students sets him apart from any educator I have had. Without a doubt, Phil is always the voice of reason and an open source of communication. I am so thankful for all that Phil has allotted me, much of the performer I am today contributed to him!

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