Phil Woodmore has made a tremendous impact on my life, not only vocally, but personally. With one of Phil’s techniques, I’ve discover new things about my voice. I’ve learned how to sing to my full potential while I am dancing. Not only am I allowed to do both, I do it with control. I found ways to expand my range in a make it feel comfortable. Not only is Phil a great instructor, he goes far beyond his duties. He is a positive male figure, my role model, and my inspiration to strive for the best. Phil has supported me in ways that no one else has, by support I mean more than just showing up to a performance. Phil makes it known that being there for someone doesn’t always need to be physically. But I must say that my favorite thing about Phil is that he does it for the kids, and for those who want to do better for themselves.

-Robert X. Crenshaw

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