IMG_5414Phil Woodmore, or as I like to call him Father Phil has helped me so much. Not just with my journey as a vocalist, but as a teacher, musician, business man ,and a leader. I came to Coca much later than others but as soon as I arrived I felt a instant connection with this amazing man of God. Over the past two years he has pushed me to be my own person enjoy my mistakes because they only make me stronger, and to never stop fighting. My many voice lessons with him have built my confidence and performance quality worlds above were it was before I met him. Under Phil’s leadership I have accomplished so much. I’ve become an astute teacher at Coca Center of the Creative Arts,Teacher at New City Schools, Minister of Music at Christ Temple Family Church, and now a new and upcoming Gospel Artist with Brennan Stylez&The Next Phase, and I thank Phil from the bottom of my heart for giving me the strength, and the courage to chase my dreams.
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