Phil Woodmore has never been anything short of a dedicated teacher, a hardworking student, a life-time learner, an INCREDIBLY talented and versatile musician, and above all, a passionate, loving, and giving soul. Phil and I first met at the University of Missouri-Columbia during his PhD coursework and my undergraduate work, after which he became my vocal coach and mentor. I remember it as if it were just yesterday, “Man, you sure can sing high!!” I said to Phil at the first University Singer’s rehearsal, as I gazed at this powerful singer in utter awe.  From that moment on, Phil has given me an overflow of teaching, wisdom and support. Who would’ve known he would become one of the most influential role models I’d ever know? Since then, Phil has supported me in my ventures to Arizona, New York and all the way to Europe even. I don’t believe there’s anything Phil wouldn’t do for the success of his pupils. And I’m sure there are many more who will attest to the impact of this awe-inspiring individual, Phil Woodmore.

-Khalid McGhee

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