LaWanda Smith

LaWanda Smith

Hi, my name is LaWanda Smith. I’m a soprano singer—at least that’s what I was told by untrained ears! I’m currently a member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept. Choir, of which I’ve been a member since it was formed in 2010. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to be able to live out my dream of sharing my voice with the world. Quiet as it’s kept, I am really a shy singer when it comes to singing alone. But being a part of the Phil Woodmore Singers I feel confident about my voice.

“Dr. Phil of Music.” is what I call him because he can diagnose a person’s voice as well as the key they’re supposed to sing in. Talk about having a good ear for music; he’s the Man of many things. Mr. Woodmore is a great overall director, educator, adjunct professor, and a Prime Minister of Music!!! I’m so proud and honored to be one of many to follow and sing under the leadership of such an astounding person that I can call my MBFF (Male Best Friend for Life), Mr. Phil Woodmore!!!! Thank You For All That You Do!

-LaWanda S.

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