Additional Testimonials

Judy Armstrong

Phil Woodmore, Music Director Extraordinaire!

Phil is a perfectionist, but he is also very compassionate about helping those who truly want to learn and sing the correct way. It has been a pleasure working with and learning from Phil over the last seven years.

Even though I have been singing most of my life, I have gained so much valuable info and tools through singing with him! Thanks Phil for your humble spirit and always allowing God to use you!!!

Valeria Triplett

Mr. Phil Woodmore, Musical Genius/Master Composer & Director

can’t believe it’s been over six years working with Phil. It seems only yesterday, I was chatting with my niece about this incredible choral director, to which she stated, “Man, I wish you knew Phil; he’s the Best!” Once she told me the last name, we screamed and laughed – it actually was Phil Woodmore!!

In addition to being a Mastermind of Music, Phil’s personality compares to none. His enthusiasm, patience, and sense of humor create the perfect environment for achieving great results during rehearsals. I can attest to the fact that working with Phil (and singing with the Phil Woodmore Singers) has given me a recharged purpose in Life. While singing has always been a passion of mine, it remained on the “back burner” due to various family obligations. I now look forward to any and every opportunity to be a part of his latest vision because I know it’s going to be mind-blowing! I thank God for allowing Phil to inspire so many people to achieve their goals, live their dreams, and/or find their “Happy!”

Virginia Cane

I have known and been associated with Philip since he was 6 years old! If fact, it was my suggestion to his father, when he was only 10 years old, that he become the pianist for the then, Abiding Branch Community Church Singers. He didn’t start then, but by the time he was 12, he was accompanying his dad to provide the music for our church on a regular basis! Since then I have sang with Philip at church and at various community endeavors. I have been honored to be part of the Phil Woodmore Singers and to have this chance to sing his own musical work and I look forward to supporting him for as long as God strengthens me to serve in this ministry. Blessings!

Brigid Buckley

In the short time I have been studying with music with Phil Woodmore, the way I think about music has changed. When Phil coaches me he thinks about me and my unique voice individually. Phil makes helpful critics and explains everything. He also specializes in building unique relationships so I truly get the most out of my vocal lessons. It is always a fun time with Phil.

David Clayton Jackson

From rags to riches. Phil took my vocal ability, my spirit and my confidence to a whole new level. Out of the pure kindness of his heart was able to know me personally so he could truly invest in me and what I stand for, musically, artistically and intellectually and helped me reach a position where I can ultimately be successful in music and in life.

Detective Officer Johnn W. Leggette, Choral Manager
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Choir

Phillip Woodmore has been a GOD send to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Choir. Mr. Woodmore has taken the choir to a new musical heights. Phil has been with the SLMPD Choir since its’ inception in 2010. Phil brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and musical excellence to the group.

Phil’s ability to pull the very best out of choir is one of his most admirable traits. Phil took an eager group of not so talented police officers, civilian employees, and community volunteers and blended us into a musical oasis.

Phil personifies the very essence of the saying, “Too Whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required!” He gives of himself so unselfishly and in return requires musical excellence.

Phil’s ability to work with the common vocalist to a more experienced singer is a gift that only GOD can give. We, here at the SLMPD Choir admire and respect Phil greatly not only for his musical gifts but his zest for life, love, and music.