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Antigone in Ferguson is an innovative project, developed by Theater of War Productions, that presents dramatic readings by acclaimed actors of scenes from Sophocles’ Antigone—an ancient Greek tragedy about what happens when personal conviction and state law clash, and violence ensues—for audiences in cities across the United States composed of concerned citizens, members of faith communities, and members of the law enforcement community, with the goal of generating powerful dialogue between these communities, fostering compassion, understanding, and positive action. For more information about Theater of War Productions and our social impact projects, please visit: and

Antigone in Ferguson aims to:

  • Create a safe space for concerned citizens and members of the law enforcement community to constructively and openly share their stories and perspectives.
  • Generate powerful dialogue about the impact of discrimination, violence, inequality, and deferred justice upon individuals, families, professionals, and communities.
  • Bring diverse and—at times—divergent communities together to remind them of their humanity and the core values they share

Bryan Doerries, Artist Director
Phil Woodmore, Composer and Music Director

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